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Weather Seal Replacement Services - San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Garage doors have become an integral part of homes today. These are the single largest moving equipment in the house and should function accurately at all times. Also, garage doors apart from serving as storage space for vehicles are also used to store other materials. This has resulted in more and more people spending a considerable amount of time in their garage. It is essential that these doors should be maintained throughout the year. The biggest challenge in achieving this objective is negating the damaging effects of weather conditions. A change in weather, for example can result in moisture and water seeping into the system and can even cause serious damage. Owners should therefore take necessary measures to avoid getting into such sticky situations. One way of doing this is availing the services of experts offering Garage Door Weather Seal Replacement in San Francisco Bay Area

One such measure is replacing the weather seal at regular intervals. This is installed at the bottom of the garage door and prevents foreign elements like dirt, soil and debris from entering inside. This protects the door against agents of wear and tear thus adding useful years to its life. Homeowners should also opt for getting their garage doors weather-stripped which would keep a tab on the damaging effects of the agents of wear and tear.

This activity is important due to the following functions that weather stripping performs:

  • Acts as a cushion for the door and prevents it from striking the ground.
  • Acts as a barrier between the garage and the external elements.


There are certain signs that homeowners should look for. These signs are an indication that the garage door weather seal has worn out and need to be replaced on an urgent basis. Some such indicators are:

  • The garage becomes too cold. This can be due to the inability of the weather seal in blocking cold winds and breezes.
  • Rain droplets, sand and dirt particles, debris, pebbles, etc. entering the garage is an indicator that the seal has worn out.
  • The bottom rubber should be replaced in case cracks or holes have developed in the equipment.

Weather seals are exposed to agents of wear and tear and are expected to worn out after a specified period. This calls for replacement at defined intervals. This activity can be performed by following the below mentioned steps:

  • First and foremost owners should equip themselves with necessary equipment like nails, a hammer, utility knife, pry bar.
  • Next, the caulk should be scored with the help of the utility knife and the pry bar should be inserted near a nail at the center. The seal should be pried away from the trim.
  • The remaining part of the caulk should be removed using a putty knife to create a flat surface. This piece can be used as a guide to measure the new seal. The vinyl should be cut using scissors.
  • The next step involves fitting the new seal into the vacant space. Further it should be nailed using paint coated nails to avoid rust.
  • Finally, the seal should be caulked using latex caulk made for outdoor use. This is imperative as the door equipment would be subjected to extreme fluctuations in temperature.

The caulk should be smoothed. A damp paper towel should then be used to wipe away the excess caulk. This would provide the finishing touches to the job. To know more call our experts regarding any garage door repair service within San Francisco Bay Area


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